Friday, February 26, 2010

Xobni – Neat add-in for Outlook 2007

At the moment I am testing out a little application called Xobni. It integrates with Outlook 2007 and does all sorts of useful things, like making it easy to find that attachment that some customer emailed you last week. Instead of trawling with the built in Outlook search, it presents a tidy context-sensitive list for you to click through. It also collects and displays interesting statistics on who emails you and when.

A quiet day today…

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Maggie said...

Hi Ben,

Happy to hear you're enjoying Xobni--we appreciate that you spend your quiet day writing about us :)

Just a quick clarification: Xobni does integrate with Outlook 2007, but also works with Outlook 2003 and will be fully compatible with Outlook 2010 before Microsoft releases the full version to the public. Just want to make sure you know we're not exclusive to 2007.

Enjoy your Friday, and your enhanced Outlook experience!

--Maggie Ronan